Sunday, October 31, 2010

And here it is - certification summary!

Well, I must admit that it's been some time since the last article but I was really overwhelmed recently – I had to accommodate in a new apartment, settle down all the things at university and finally I have started to work as a Java Software Developer. But anyway, now all the issues are resolved and I'm back to blogging again!

So today I would like to make a summary of OCPJP certification. First of all, I'm really glad that I've taken upon this endeavor. I have learnt many new things about Java that I didn't use before. Actually I'm not sure if I will ever use it but it's good to know it anyway ;-). And as luck would have it, I already have noticed how has my marked value increased. I did mention that I got a job, didn't I? ;-) Alright but you might probably want to know what I did in preparation for this exam. So obviously on the first place there is a book, the only one, don't even think about getting any other - SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam. I read it twice. The first time was a quick review of the book and getting familiar with some completely new areas. The second time though was much more careful and full of experiments with the code. And that is really vital! Experiment with the code – without this you will score much lower than you could if you did it. I know, it takes some time but trust me on that, it's really worth it. Ok, so let's assume that you already read the book, as many times as you wanted and you are wondering what next... Well, in my case it was a series of mock tests. Mostly by Whizlab ( But in this place I have one more important tip. After solving a mock test also do some experiments with the code in exercises, especially the ones that were not correct. And I guess that's all! If you do more or less what I've described I'm sure you will do well on the exam!

As for me, my next goal on the Oracle Certification path is Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer! Soon, you will be able to follow my preparation's activities to this exam!